SonyEricsson Xperia Ray MK16i Battery BA700

SonyEricsson Xperia Ray MK16i Battery BA700

New Battery BA700 For Sony Ericsson MK16i, MT15i, MT11I, ST18I


  • Batteries: High-capacity lithium batteries
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 1500mAh


  • Made of the highest capacity batteries
  • Long standby time, high stability, consistent with performance of the original model
  • Advanced Lithium-ion technology with high output
  • Could be charged for over 500 times, environmental friendly and durable
  • Adopts imported IC components, equipped with precisie protection circuit board which prevents battery from overcharging and short circuit at the positive and negative poles. Safe & secure.
  • Equipped with anti- short circuit & anti-overcurrent devices which are in line with international safety standards

Compatible with:  

  • SonyEricsson Arc HD
  • SonyEricsson Azusa
  • SonyEricsson Halon
  • SonyEricsson Iyokan
  • SonyEricsson Komachi
  • SonyEricsson LT16i
  • SonyEricsson MK16a
  • SonyEricsson MK16i
  • SonyEricsson MT11
  • SonyEricsson MT11a
  • SonyEricsson MT11i
  • SonyEricsson MT15a
  • SonyEricsson MT15i
  • SonyEricsson MT16i
  • SonyEricsson MT28
  • SonyEricsson MT28i
  • SonyEricsson Mesona
  • SonyEricsson SO-01C
  • SonyEricsson SO-03C
  • SonyEricsson SO-05D
  • SonyEricsson ST18
  • SonyEricsson ST18a
  • SonyEricsson ST18i
  • SonyEricsson ST21a
  • SonyEricsson ST21a2
  • SonyEricsson ST21i
  • SonyEricsson ST23
  • SonyEricsson ST23a
  • SonyEricsson Tapioca
  • SonyEricsson Tapioca DS
  • SonyEricsson Tapioca SS
  • SonyEricsson Urushi
  • SonyEricsson Vivaz 2
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Halon
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Kyno
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Kyno V
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Miro
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Neo
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Neo V
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Pro
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Ray
  • SonyEricsson Xperia ST21
  • SonyEricsson Xperia SX
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Tipo
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Tipo Dual
  • SonyEricsson Zomi

  1. We have good feedback on this brand battery, as compare other brand.
  2. It works the same as original battery, and have longer stand by or talk time.
  3. We ship by SingPost registered mail and eta is approx. 10-35 days depend on your location.
  4. Items normally ship next business day upon we receive the payment, tracking no. shall email once the item have ship.
  5. We ship the item base on your paypal address, please ensure your address on your paypal accounts are correct

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